Hostgator VS Godaddy

As I was looking for the best hosting company for my site, I’d been torn between Godaddy and Hostgator. Each of them is popular to site owners. Godaddy is among the best domain registrar and is also offering website hosting service while Hostgator is a well-known host company. So I’m really bewildered on which one to choose either Godaddy or Hostgator. So I do some research session and look at them thoroughly:

When it comes to domain registration, Godaddy has an advantage. They are among the best domain registration companies out there. They often presents promotions and discounts on their domains from com to .us. Even though this is ideal for people starting out, domain name registration isn’t the only standards for a best hosting company. However, the same can’t be said with their other service features which includes internet hosting service, customer support and ease-of-use.

Hostgator started its business in Texas back in 2002, and it has been around more than Godaddy. In 2011 the company broadened its businesses internationally and since then has listed its 8 millionth website name. It has the track record and experience to provide you in the way that only an inferior firm can, by using a customer touch which the bigger players just like Godaddy are not able to.

Hostgator is a great choice for those constructing their first website and wanting a web hosting package made available to them. They give an excellent cpanel web hosting service for a very affordable price, along with certain Hostgator coupon 2013 you can actually try their service for a month for one penny. The company gives shared reseller, VPS, and dedicated server deals for newbies and for the experienced professionals. All of their website hosting plans contains their 24/7 support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee plus a 45-day cash back guarantee. As you can see, they’re very certain about their program offerings.

Additional features and benefits of Hostgator include the opportunity to provide you with limitless bandwidth, endless web space for customers, and numerous add-on domains provided. Hostgator provides a friendly Site Builder and offers WordPress themes that many people are comfortable utilizing when putting together a web site. You’ll get the capability to use the Fantastico and QuickInstall programs together with Hostgator, which brings quick and fast installation of apps as instruments to use in creating your website.

Godaddy VS Hostgator

  • Using a thirty six calendar month determination period, you can discover the primary web hosting deal at GoDaddy at about $4.24/month. The specific Hatchling program with HostGator, with the same determination period, would hit you up for monthly at $3.96.
  • In terms web hosting management software, Hostgator uses cPanel which industry standard while Godaddy has their own control panel that confuses their clients.
  • GoDaddy presently sees itself behind HostGator. HostGator offers an easy to find customer service, full satisfaction or a money back guarantee, whereas you would need a forensic team to find it at GoDaddy. HostGator gives their potential customers with toll-free tech support number, and even though GoDaddy offers a telephone number for customer service, you have to deal with long waiting times, strong accents, and generally less than professional and unwilling staff.
  • In relation to domain registration, Godaddy has the edge for they offer runs sale on their domains as compared to Hostgator.

When it comes to hosting your websites, you are the solely one who can determine of which is the best hosting provider for you. Just remember to review their pros and cons, features, prices and feedbacks and pick the best for you. If in case, you pick Hostgator, you can use Hostgator promo ‘SERVERHOSTING’ for 25% off at any hosting plan or you can get the $0.01 for the first month coupon code that is ‘EMAILHOSTING’. Alternatively, when you want Godaddy, you can do your own research for Godaddy review and also its coupon codes and promotional deals as well and try to compare them and see which one is best that fit your requirements.


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